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Hindrances to prayer!

I believe that prayer iSometimes our prayers are not answered by God because of the obstacles that we created ourselves. Hindrances can come in many different forms, and in many different ways in our lives. We must realize how important it is to keep our lives right with God. 1. Unconfessed sin (Psalms 66: 18) and being unrepentant God hates sin hence if we love sin or excuse it, and cover it up God cannot answer our prayers. We must honestly confess our sins to god and others. 2. Unbelief (James 1: 6-7 ),3. Doubting (James 1:5-7) and insincerity Satan will attach our minds with doubt, unbelief, and questioning. We begin to doubt gods ability and his promises. We start thinking more and more about our problems or our challenges, and then our faith begins to diminish. The Apostle James said that when we doubt, we become double-minded and the double-minded man receives nothing he asks for from God because he is unstable in all of his ways 4. Not praying in Gods will When we have a selfish motive or wrong motives with wrong attitudes God denies answering our prayers. God will not answer our self-centered, selfish prayers. 5. Pride (Proverbs 16:5) and rebellion When we pray and ask for God's grace in a situation, pride will block it. When we are proud, we do not think we need God or anyone else. We need to be humble not only before God, but also in our relationships with other people. The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry” (Psa. 34:15). 6. Self-Will and Disobedience(Ephesians 2:2) He is the one that disobeyed God, who rebelled against Him. God does not want His children to be disobedient. He wants to bless us! Disobedience is an evil spirit tries to keep us from God. He punishes His children for their disobedience (Heb. 12:5-6). 7. Wrong motives (James 4:2) and Pleasures God looks at our hearts, and when He see an impure motive, He cannot answer prayer. Having a pure heart that truly loves God and loves people is always an acceptable motive to the Lord. Worthless motives and intentions and selfish motives are another cause for unanswered prayer. 8. Not having proper relationship and improper behavior with wife God sees marriage as very holy and because He sees it that way, we must behave towards our spouses in a holy manner. This means we must respect, honor and love our spouses. Peter warned that men could hinder their prayers by failing to honor their wives God warns both wife and husband to obey God that their prayers be not hindered. The main responsibilities of man is to earn a living, disciplining children, winning the family to Christ, religious instruction in the home and the family. The man who shirks and avoids such responsibilities, leaving them for the weaker partner, sins before God and will have his prayers hindered. It is so very important that you raise your children with the Bible and teach them biblical truths from early childhood on. Family harmony is essential for answered prayers 9. Failure to pray in faith (James 1:6-7): Faith knows that God has heard and the answer is on the way. God moves in the spirit and gives us answer when we pray in faith. Prayer increases faith and brings spiritual blessing in our lives when we are right with God. 10. Prayerlessness (James 4:2). God is waiting for us to make requests of Him in prayer. Our prayerlessness hinders God from working in our life and the lives of our loved ones. 11. Ungrateful (2 Timothy 3:1) People of godly character are thankful, always appreciative of what God does for them. we need to stay thankful in every situation, no matter how we feel. When God sees that we are thankful no matter what, He can answer our prayers. 12. Not knowing the power of prayer and Failure to Resist Satan: Many people fail to recognize the power of prayer and they go after many things blindly in the world seeking answers and they fail again and again. God always wants us to pray in everything in every situations but Satan hates when we pray to one true living God. He will find many ways to distract our prayer with God and we need to put the armour of God resist Satan and continue our communion with God through prayers. 13. Self-righteousness and hypocrisy Self-righteousness people are pretending to be righteous but inward they are filled with full of hypocrisy and iniquity .( Matthew 23:25-28). Luke 18:11-14 reminds us that we can look on others and see their sin so clearly and miss our own sins completely. This hinders our prayers. 14. Worshiping other gods or idols: many people worship many other false gods and idols and we are advised in Exodus 20:3-6, Deuteronomy 18:9-14 that we are not to worship false gods. We need to worship the true and the living God in spirit and in truth. This can hinder our prayers. 15. Not helping the poor We need to be compassionate and kind to the poor. Proverbs 21:13 reminds us that whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor Will also cry himself and not be heard. Satan would like for our love to grow cold. When we do not extend the love of God to the needy people like this, our prayers will be hindered. God is most interested in those who have been ignored and oppressed (Psalm 10:14) 16. Not giving Tithes & Offerings: We must always honor God with our tithe first. Because we refuse to give God His tithe which can cause hindrance to our prayers. We know that the Bible teaches consistent tithing and that a tenth of our increase should be given to God for the support of the ministry. Many people don’t give tithes and offering in a good and clean heart its like robbing God to give his part. The more we give to God, the more He will bless us in return. 17. Expecting God to do everything and not doing our part (2 Chronicles 31:20) We need to do our duties, our responsibilities faithfully what god has commanded us and the things that is impossible to us God will do it. Basically we need to do our best and leave to God to do the rest who is the in charge of life and death and everything in the world. There are some people who are lazy they hate to do their part but completely wait for God to come and do everything for them. They ignore the door of opportunities and resources God has given for them and they fail to do their part cause hindrance to prayers. 18. Lack of time: When we pray to God we can hear the voice of God in our hearts. But most of us all are so busy involved in worldly things and we never make ourselves free even for a minute out of 24 hours to pray to God with clean hearts. How sad it is? Everyone has the time to pray , we have time for watching TV, shopping, gym, cooking, working, other entertainment etc etc, but just no time for God.?s the most important thing in a Christian life and the devil would like no more than to hinder our prayer life.

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