Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

You can know all the scriptures

By unknown Author

You can know all the scriptures,

Have all the bibles you can reach,

But when push comes to shove

Do you practice what you preach?

Anyone can go to church

And collapse on the floor,

But when Judgment Day comes

Will you be at Heaven's door?

You can have the biggest of fits

And say the Holy ghost passed through,

But is that really reflected

In the things you do?

You can yell far and wide

Proclaiming your love for Christ,

But what have you given him

When for you He gave his life?

You can lecture others

About the wrong things they do,

But before you look at others

You need to look at you.

You can damn all the sinners

Tell them they're headed south,

But what have you done lately

Besides run your mouth?

You can call yourself a Christian

Spend all your days at church,

But while you are praising His name,

Have you been doing the Lord's work?

You can boast of good deeds

To show us the spirit is within

But why show it to us?

You should show it to Him!

You can memorize the bible

Know it from front to back,

But you don't use it to regulate others

Regulate how you act!

Take a good look at yourself

Not at what others do,

Because when He comes to get his children ...

Will He be coming for you too?

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