Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Qualities of a Godly Man!

You are a godly man if you have a Spirit of God .Keep and be obedient to the commandments of God at all times and walk ‘uprightly’ before God

You are a Godly Men if you are kind, loving, compassionate, good provider, honest, hardworking, generous, forgiving, humble, faithful and reliable and provide security towards your wife and children.

You are a Godly Men if you do not allow unholy, ungodly life around you and your family.

You are a Godly Men if you do not keep the company with those with haughty looks and arrogant hearts or those who slander and Gossip.

You are Godly men if you do not allow the things that are not of God to enter into your house which may afflict or damage your family

You are a Godly Men if you do not desire to continue life in sin and delight in Gods word.

You are a Godly man if you fear God ,honor your marriage vows and love your wife as your own body until death and be faithful to her by being kind , compassionate, honest, hard-working,truthful,humble , and able to control temper .

You are a Godly Men if you are a man of prayer ,search the scriptures daily , meditate on them and be a example of faith.

You are Godly men if you are you are strong in the Lord without no compromise of the truth and stand against sin, give counsel to those in need of godly directions.

You are a Godly man if you read God’s word before you act or make any decisions and stand up for the truth and refute error.

You are a Godly man if you are trust worthy, love your children and their mother and lead your family members and others to Christ and Church.

You are a Godly man if you do not lust at others and be a pure of heart without being self righteous but righteous before God.

You are a Godly man if you keep Jesus Christ as the centre of your marriage and family and be the Godly example to your children and be obedient towards God and your family members.

You are a Godly man if you demonstrate faithfulness, responsibility, caring, gracious, generous, keeping promises, displaying good character ,knowing interests of the family instructing and guiding your children in the ways and words of the Lord for their own spiritual development and well-being and lead your family to Bible study, devotional time, prayer , other spiritual activities , godly determination to preserve your family and keeping your family from all evil, temptation, lust, and unbelievers.

You are a Godly man if you avoid anything that would pollute the home like smoking, drinking, drugs, sexual immorality, ungodly people, bad television programs which is based on immorality, violence ,being workaholic which snatches the quality time from family, bad life styles etc

You are a Godly man if you see your family members are clothed with humility, pure, modesty, righteous and holy.

You are a Godly man if you give attention to more important matters such as God and family instead of pursuing career at the expense of your family by selfishly ignoring your wife and children in many ways.

You are a Godly man is if you train your children to walk in Godly Path, teaching the Gods commandments and Judgments, teaching them to fear the Lord keeping pure and holy in all conduct by Seeking God's kingdom and his righteousness.

You are a Godly man if you do not have fellowship with Unbelievers and those who Compromise their Walk with Jesus Christ, if you do not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers but Pursue Pure and Godly Friendships and relationships that inspire you to be more like Jesus Christ.

You are a Godly man if you stand firm, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness Keeping the Full Armor of God Enduring Hardships, Sufferings, and Trials through Christ.

You are a Godly man if you please God with your life style and behaviors constantly growing in the Knowledge of the Scriptures.

You are a Godly man if you if you are separated yourself from All Ungodliness and if you refuse to do anything that are Contrary to God's Word.

You are a Godly man if you bring others into God's Kingdom and never do anything that would cause a person to stumble in his Christian walk.

You are a Godly man if you avoid harmful environments for your family and children's where God is mocked, where destructive peer influence is the norm, where drugs, alcohol, violence, promiscuity ,adultery , verbal and physical assault sexual misconduct, immodesty and homosexuality are promoted.

You are a Godly man if you get angry when someone violates God's law, against sinful behavior, against wicked people and true injustice

You are a Godly man if you are free from sin and far away from sinful places and sinful people and avoid the appearance of all forms of evil which can corrupt good morals.

You are a Godly man If you Pray day and night with praise and thanks giving with supplication of prayers in everything

You are a Godly man if you remove yourself with a person who constantly sin who encourages you to sin, who refuse to repent and you will be be very careful in making friends.

You are a Godly man if you avoid the people who are filled with anger and bitterness whose lifestyle, goals, teachings, morals conflict with Gods word, who offers wrong advises with wrong motives, flatter with their lips and are deceitful at hearts, who wait for an opportunity to deceive you, who hide hate behind their flattering words, who are dishonest and gossipers, who is their only in Good times and runs when you fall.

You are a Godly man if you refuse to be lukewarm or carnal and you will overcome evil spirit with the Power of Holy Spirit.

You are a Godly man if you boldly rebuke and hate evil to such a large extent that when you preach the truth it will greatly upset those who are evil and guilty. And hence you suffer persecution as a result.

You are a Godly man if you acknowledge yours sins repent and forsake sins and turn towards our Savior Lord Jesus Christ for the remissions of sins instead of justifying or defending your sins.

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