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Prayer for Israel!

Prayer for Israel! By Shaila Touchton Satan hates God's people since from the beginning of the world. This is why Israel is so hated around the world. The Bible calls Israel the apple of God's eye..."For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye." —Zechariah 2:8 Prayer for Israel’s Protection. Heavenly Father, In Jesus mighty name I pray for protection and blessings on the nation of Israel and its people. I Pray for the protection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from all confusion, dangers, and from all harm, surround him with wise counsel and men and women of moral integrity to make wise and Godly decisions. Father God, I pray for the peace of ISRAEL and Jerusalem. I cover the the Blood of Jesus on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Government and Military leaders of Israel. Lord, I cover everyone in the nation of Israel with the blood of Jesus Christ. I now Plead the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ as a Bloodline around the entire country of Israel and protect all the people from all sickness, diseases, disasters, calamities, terrors, terror attacks, every power of darkness, the spirits of death and destruction from all unrighteousness and from all kind of evils people coming against them. Lord Jesus please keep peace, Justice ,Joy, harmony ,happiness and Godliness in the country of Israel and May the people who are dwelling in that land may be safe by following your commandments, by Seeking your kingdom and righteousness. The light of God surrounds Israelites, the love of God enfolds them, the power of God protects them and the presence of God watch over them for they are your chosen people and apple of your eye. Bring peace and comfort to all those who are suffering as a result of terror attacks and persecutions. Father, I pray ,you prevent the destructive forces of terrorism directed against Israel nation and Provide complete protection from evil attacks and stop the aggressors that attempt to bring destruction to the nation of Israel and its people in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father God, Command your angles to guard them and keep them in all their ways and deliver them from their enemies and remove nuclear capability from their midst and protect Israel’s borders and rescue their soldiers and their families from every trouble, distress, fears and from every plague and illness. For I ask all this in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

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  1. Praying for Israel I am in agreement with you Ms.Houghton because you always put the truth out for others. Ms by will read only few will accept. I accept and agree with you, I cannot word things the way you do because I am not gifted to get people's attention the way you do you have really blessed my soul,spirit,mind and I thank you do much. I have been o rating a long time for a true prayer warrior and God guided my attention to you because of your posts. Bless God The Father The Son which is Christ and The Holy Spirit in Jesus's Name. Bless you as well.