Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Making Thanksgiving Day Meaningful!

Thanksgiving Day means more than just turkey, pumpkin pie and football It’s a wonderful opportunity to thank God’s constant Goodness, mercy and His steadfast love. Thanksgiving Day means more than just eating, drinking and merry making. It’s a Wonderful Time to help for the World's Afflicted and Starving Poor. It’s about Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving Day is a time to gather in Lords House with family and friends for honoring and thanking God for the bountiful blessings He provides. It’s a day reserved to give thanks to God for the greatest gift of Jesus Christ Thanksgiving Day is not a day for greedy false preachers to make money for themselves. It’s a day to reach out less fortunate and witnessing Christ before others. Thanks Giving day is not just about spending on lavish unwanted things. But being thankful to God and others in the midst of hard circumstances and all kinds of trials. It’s a day to focus on God as the true source of all our blessings Thanks Giving Day is not about commercializing into a greedy business It’s a day to visit the sick and pray for them for their healing. Thanks Giving day should not be a place for throwing parties and wasting money. But it should be a day sharing the food with poor who are starving to death It’s a day to be reflective of God's gift of salvation. Thanks Giving Day should not be a place for worldly entertainment. But it should be about God's gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thanks Giving Day should be about prayer, meditation on Gods word, Bible reading and saving lost souls. But it should be an opportunity to be humble, pray, repent and seek Gods face, and turn from the wicked ways. It should be a day to pray more diligently, to lead others in prayer, and to uplift the NAME OF Jesus Christ. Thanks Giving day should be a time to reflect and thank God for the coming of the Savior. It should not be an opportunity to persecute believers, to manipulate and twist the scriptures. Thanks Giving Day should be of many opportunities to Glorify God touch the lives of others and to avoid sin and temptations. It’s a day to be thankful to God for Good health, food, clothing, shelter, job, love and Good family and friends. Thanks Giving day should be the celebration for the proclamation of the Gospel, testimony of miracles and healings. It should not be an opportunity to make debts, spend money on materialistic things. Thanks Giving Day should be about Gods love and faith, changing our ways and getting closer to God. It should be a day to feed the poor, helping someone with a monetary gift, taking a meal to someone who is sick and encouraging others in a Godly path.

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