Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Prayer of a Tenant!

In Jesus name, I cover myself, my husband and my daughter and my cat and anything that belongs to us with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and I ask for giant warrior angels to protect me and my family members. I bind up  and block every demon, , every curses , Every stronghold of death and tragedy in my family, Every pattern of household witchcraft, Every evil pattern of poverty, every evil pattern, house shifting ,Every pattern of failure, every  evil spirits of landlord, every evil influential people, every  destructive anger and  revenge,  Every lying tongue against me and my family members ,Every bitterness that are planning to  destroy my family and my life, Every ancestral spirit and every fear and terror of the Every kind, every  satanic influence  be utterly destroyed and  broken in the name of Jesus, through his precious blood.

 I bind, renounce and resist any troubles, quarrels, confusions satanic discipline, wickedness of landlord in the name of Jesus, through his precious blood.
I plead the blood of Jesus Christ against the evil landlords who is robbing us of our hard earned money and peace in any form.

I break free and lose myself and my family members from the grip and control of all evil family members, all evil landlords who wants to deceive and con us in the name of Jesus Christ. I come against anything, or anyone or any form that would move me and my family members from the place of our dwelling in Jesus name. I silence every accusing finger pointed at me and my family members in this house in the name of Jesus.

Every pattern of sorrow in this house, every pattern of failure in this house, every pattern of sickness in this house, every pattern of fighting in this house, every pattern of disaster in this house, every curse ever issued on this house and on our family members by anyone, every witchcraft in this house, every strongman of this house, every evil landlords break and release me and my family members, in the name of Jesus through his Blood.
Any hidden curses, any evil spirits, any demonic spirits, Any tongue of evil speaking ,failure and backwardness and Any evil manipulations sanctioned by the power of evil people against my life and  my family members life be scattered and   destroy in the name of Jesus and through his blood. Satan and evil spirits will not cross the Blood line of Jesus for now and all eternity.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command a hedge of protection to be around our home where we dwell and speak blessings of restful sleep, pleasant dreams and recover financial blessings, peace, harmony and prosperity. Thank you God for all your mercies and for the answers of our prayers in Jesus name.

I ask this prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ AMEN.

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