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Prayer for Japan

Lord Jesus, I praise and worship you. I cover all the people affected by the huge tsunami and Nuclear Explosion in Japan. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on all the mankind, animals and birds suffering as a result of the disaster .I come to you to kindly listen to my prayers and all the people who are making intercession on behalf of Japan .Lord Jesus Christ, you are the only one who can solve this problem because you alone have authority in heaven and earth.

I rebuke natural disasters in the Name of Jesus and command peace and calm on the earth we dwell. Father God Have compassion on all of us, send guardian angels to help quickly to those who have been trapped by tsunami, and other natural disasters. Touch the hearts of your people to provide the food, water, and shelter for those who have lost their homes and for the animals and birds who need help. Comfort those who are fearful and reconnect families who may have been separated during this tragedy.

O Lord, I come before you asking that you protect the people of Japan and all animal kind suffering as a result of Tsunami and also protect their families, loved ones and everyone who live in the land of Japan from sickness, disease, infirmities, and afflictions.

Guard and protect everyone including animals and birds so that they will be a living testimony for Jesus Christ and be a glory to you.

Lord keep everyone safe from all dangers and calm all natural disasters in the name of Jesus Christ that threatens our life. I pray that everything that was destroyed in Japan be restored back again in Jesus Name.

Lord I pray for all the animals and birds that are suffering, lost, deserted, frightened, suffering from sickness or hungry. Have mercy, compassion on them and send your angels to protect and care for them in their needs.

May the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse all our sins so that everyone might be healed and prayers be answered without any hindrances. May the precious Blood of Jesus Christ protect everyone who are facing natural disasters and guide each one of them and give them strength, hope, comfort, healing, peace, prosperity and Good health. I affirm the people of Japan are safe in Your Arms, in your loving protection by seeking you above all, by surrendering every area of their life to you now and forever. Amen

May God bless you as you continue to pray for Japan.

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