Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Testimony of faith in God!

My cat Ruby was playing in the fenced back yard and she somehow lost herself and got out of our house. From 2pm I had been searching and was never found I and my 3 yr old baby girl were searching, walking and calling her name in our big community where we live. We were so tired of walking and searching for her in every corner of our community. My cat ruby- I had her since from past four and half yrs. My husband gave her as our First wedding Anniversary Gift. I was feeling lonely when I had left India and my parents to be with my husband here in Florida. It was that time he bought this lovely cat for me. I love all animals and I love this ruby so much. I and ruby are very attached to each other and if she doesn’t see me for 5 minutes she cries. My husband calls her cry baby. Now my baby girl is also attached with her. I and my husband and our little baby girl we love her so much and we were praying so much for her by covering the Blood of Jesus Christ for her when she was missing.

My husband came from office at 6.00pm and he started looking for her many times, he could not find her. First of all my ruby is scared of everything , she has low feeble voice, if she cries no one can hear, she is scared of noises and dark , she has never been out. Outside its very cold, she doesn’t have no food, no water, its night, she is in fear, and she is thinking of me and searching for us…. When I thought all these things I was going crazy. I was missing her so much and weeping loud as I was searching for her. She is an indoor cat and now she is in trouble with outside environment. My husband and my baby girl comforted me but nothing can comfort me. I was missing her terribly because she was with me all times both good and bad times. She used to sleep beside me and she can’t survive without me. I had been praying for her every minute for her to come back home safely. It is that time I sent email to my Associated content friends- Jack Wellman, Mike Harrington, Marilyn French, Doranda Jacques and my facebook friends Dwain Prosser,Nancy Donaldson, Prophetess Christine Thompson, Fr.Thomas Mankuthel Vinod and Bunty Bunty.D to pray for my cat. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all my friends who have prayed for my cat.

With the intercession of their prayers Miracle granted by Jesus Christ again in our life. My husband said he found Ruby jumping from a little tree towards him when he was searching for her in our community after 3 houses where we live. She was very scared and my husband made a phone call to me saying that he found her and she is hiding in fear in neighbors’ yard. So I ran without wearing shoes (or sandals (flip-flops) even though the foot was hurting because of egg corn seeds from a trees) to catch her. Finally my loving husband trapped her and we finally bought her home. He said to me he prayed so much that it is not in his control but in Gods hands to create a miracle to find Ruby it was then he found her. I believe she was an answer to prayer .I Thank my husband Daniel Touchton from the bottom of my heart for finding her with the Help of Gods grace.

Dan, My darling husband thanks so much for taking so much trouble to find her without eating food , walking for hours together in search of her in that cold night. You are very much appreciated. I was devastated at her absence. Thank You Jesus for everything you do in our life and for hearing our prayers and bringing back our Ruby home very safely. My cat was protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ and she was safe.

Thank You, Jesus.

Thank You Heavenly Father.

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.(1stThessalonians 5:18)

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