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Danger of Isolation in the Marriage

When the marriage turns sour, unhappy and painful most people will try to have a extramarital affairs by being unfaithful to the marriage vows which leads to emotional adultery, and then later into physical adultery. Emotional adultery is unfaithfulness to the spouse in thoughts or heart or cheating on their spouses emotionally. When the spouse of unfaithful person knows the truth he will get hurt and his agony of betrayal is immeasurable and the marriage rips apart. His whole world would have collapsed.

To avoid such kind of adultery the spouses need to be affectionate, accountable, understanding and should able to pay attention to their needs. Temptations are opportunities that either it will strengthen us or corrupt us morally which lead us in bad path. When they come along, we are given a choice to either turn away with God's help or surrender to the temptation. We must be spiritually minded to resist temptation, realizing that eternal spiritual values are more important that temporary earthly pleasure or gain. We should never fantasize about sinful thoughts. We can overcome temptation through Prayer, scripture reading, by resisting or avoiding it.

If you put your trust in man or woman outside the marriage you are guaranteed to get hurt at some point, someone is going to let you down and deeply disappoint you. "Paul said believers put "no confidence in the flesh" (Philippians 3:3). Much of the hurting and the hopelessness you experience is a result of being let down by someone you trusted or someone close to you. You are trusting in someone or something other than God to bring you happiness and hope.

A family with a stable marriage supports healthy socialization, healthy relationships,, healthy society and healthy nation and there by contributing a good morals. I hope the spouses understand each other needs and make God as the centre of marriage and work out their issues by not giving rooms for the devil to destroy their marriage.

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