Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Failure of Father’s role and responsibility is the failure of God ordained Family and the society!

God created man to be the leader of the home, the provider and the protector. The children are to look to their father especially for spiritual counsel and guidance. They receive this by watching their father's life as much as they do by talking to him. Many children will follow in the footsteps of their fathers when it comes to a belief in God or not. God put the father in the position as leader in the home, but the father is also a picture of God Himself. A father acknowledges his responsibility and commitment to his family. He provides good things to his family, just like our Heavenly Father and serves his family in the same way that Jesus came to serve us.

God has created women with a need to be loved by a man that only God totally understands, and it is very important that she gets that attention in the proper way from her father instead of from some other person who will probably take advantage of her. She needs to be touched, hugged, petted and cared for in a godly way by her father

Fathers supply many needs for their children, and their presence as well as their support is needed in the home. Not only is it important for a father to be in the home but also to be an active part in his children's life. A father is one who functions in a fatherly capacity. He is instrumental in the growth of his children’s life, to help them grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Father must be willing to sacrifice his life for his wife and children. Yet physical guarding is only a part of a godly father's protecting duties. He must also protect his family from evil spiritual forces, such as the devil and false teachers, who will tempt his family to believe falsehoods or become discouraged. The greatest tragedy of our society to the failure of fathers to take their responsibility parents.

How it has affected our families and society:

1. The failure of fathers to take their responsibility parents has caused directly or indirectly single parent families the most numerous with a mother and her children.

2. Children who grow up without a father grow up in an unstable home. With the mother working to provide for herself and here children she has little time to teach or raise the children.

3. Absence of father’s role as a spiritual head has damaged the families to live a godly life, to teach their children’s to pray and lead them to church and Christ.

4. Today it is a single parent family, or same sex parents, or children raised by their grand parents while mom and dad go their separate selfish ways.

5. The roots of epidemic divorce and homosexuality in our society can be traced to this failure of mothers and fathers.

6. God has given the responsibility to the parents and more specifically to the father. God’s plan is that the Father be the visible provider, protector, example, and teacher to his children. Absence of Fathers role has made Mothers to take up these responsibilities.

7. Many Fathers today spend or more time "supporting" their basketball, footfall golf or some other sport, watching TV, being workaholic, and spending more time outside the family than raising their children for God has negatively affected the family and children’s in manys. Most of them do not have time for families at all.

8. And many Fathers are busy in pursuing money, work, houses cars and material things, are failing to fulfill their spiritual responsibility.

9. Too many men are abdicating or ignoring their responsibilities as Fathers. In some families today, the children are left to raise themselves.

10. children who live absent of their biological fathers are more likely to be poor, to use drugs, to experience educational, health, emotional and behavioral problems, to be victims of child abuse, and to engage in criminal behavior than their peers who live with their married, biological (or adoptive) parents. failure of fathers to take the responsibility for the spiritual leadership of the family according to the guidelines of the Word--giving, loving, serving, caring and strong leadership has contributed moral decline , Illegitimate births, Divorces, educational failure, illegitimacy, Teenage suicide and violent crimes. 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home.

11."It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible. It is father absence which creates ghettos and gangs and messed-up kids — boys trying to find their identity through violence, girls trying to find their identity through sexual promiscuity, which will lead to the violence of the next generation. They need real fathers, "sociological fathers," not mere studs interested in sharing a one-night stand with Mom."

12. Our perverted sick world view of real man is they praise the selfish, immoral father who has sold his soul to living the "gusto life," who shirks is responsibility to his wife and children. They then ridicule and make fun of the father who shoulders his responsibility, boldly proclaims his love and devotion to God and to his wife and children

13. The Good ideal Father Takes Responsibility and Leads His Family in the ways of God. Father, who follows God, makes every effort to be at home, to lead, guide, teach and counsel his children. Father who is both the wage earner and the spiritual leader in his family.

Conclusion: Our families need men like Joshua, who will dedicate themselves to the Lord, and be a godly influence in there families and nation. The only way to become a godly father is to become a godly man in everything, and the only way to become a godly man is to humbly submit to God and live according to Gods way instead of worlds way, where there is pride, egoness etc. parents are the key agents in communicating the Word of God to their children so that God’s truth and the moral integrity and character that goes with it is communicated generation to generation. If the fathers are not truly godly, the chances are neither will the children be. Children are born with sinful natures and unless they have the godly influence of parents who are themselves faithful, obedient, and walking with the Lord, their children will go the natural way of their sinful natures.

(Compiled from various resources)

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  1. Amen again sister in Christ. If anyone thinks that this writer is wrong (of course she is not), then please read Malachi 4:6 and see how serious the consequences of a failure for a man and husband to lead his family. Just absolutely brilliant Shaila. YOU are the image of expressed perfection of how a wife and mother ought to be of any woman I know of on this earth (my wife is too). Your husband and children are much blessed.

    Jack Wellman