Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Thoughts From A-Z

Thoughts From A-Z

“Abba, Father,” He prayed

Begotten of the Father, His only Son

Christ Crucified, a cruel death

Dying on the cross, for you and me

Everlasting life for those who believe Him

Forgiveness through that perfect Lamb without sin

God’s gift of salvation to all who love Him

He is risen, holy, faithful and true

Iniquity found in all mankind, separating us from the Father

Jesus lives, His only Son, the only Way.

Kept by His righteous right hand

Love without end, living for Him

Master, Saviour, Lord and Friend

Never failing, always with us

One Saviour, One faith, Our Hope

Paths taken, never faltering, with Him leading the way

Quietly seeking His will, to serve and obey

Repent, Run the race, no matter the cost

Salvation promised, by God’s Grace we are Saved

Trials to purify, temptations to overcome

Unspeakable joy for those saying, ‘Yes'

Victories are many, the battle rages on, He abides with us still

Wounded for our transgressions, He showed His love for us

Exposed to the bone and marrow, He knows our innermost thoughts

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may not be, Today is the day of Salvation

Zeal for sharing Christ Jesus and we cry, “Abba, Father,” and pray.

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