Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Christian Mothers

Author: Kay Meyerett

Let's honor those Christian mothers who:

~~ate half of what they wanted because money was tight and there wasn't enough to go around

~~displayed cardboard and glitter decorations in prominent places in their homes as if they were original Rembrandts

~~were as thrilled with roses made out of Kleenex as they would have been with a florist's bouquet

~~sacrificed huge chunks of their time in booster clubs, PTA's, and the like on behalf of all the moms who didn't have the time (and for all the children who had moms who didn't care)

~~read the same story books twice every night for two years even though they were bored out of their skulls

~~ate an entire box of marzipan even though they hated the taste just because their child bought it for them

~~stayed up all night holding a bowl under a sick child's chin while suppressing the urge to throw up themselves

~~sat in more bleachers than people with season tickets to professional sporting events in order to support their child

~~stayed up late cleaning, sewing, and/or ironing a special item of clothing

~~got up real early to make sure their child got up on time and had a good breakfast

~~drove to the school to drop off a forgotten lunch pail, homework assignment, permission slip, or snack for a class party

~~shoveled up dog poop that should have fallen under the promise, "If you get me a dog I'll take care of it!"

~~stayed up four hours (or longer) after their bedtime to re-type a school report that was accidentally deleted from the computer, that was ruined when a glass of milk overturned, or that blew out the car window

~~bought carpet they didn't like because it had the colors of spilled Kool-Aid, spilled milk, and dirty feet already in it

~~came to the conclusion that pretty dishes, knick knack collections, and fragile heirlooms were not as important as having healthy, happy, and active children

~~alternated mopping up blood and bending over in order not to faint

~~never had any cash in their wallets for themselves

~~never saw a television movie all the way through

~~cried every time their child left home, even if it was just for a few days

~~repressed the urge to cringe and grimace at their child's elementary school band concerts

~~forced themselves to dish out tough punishment because they knew it was in the best interest of their child

~~said, "No," when they longed to see the smile that would appear on their child's face if they said, "Yes," because they knew that they were doing the best thing for their child by saying, "No."

~~tried to make peace between brothers and sisters, brothers and brothers, sisters and sisters, or husbands and children

~~couldn't thoroughly enjoy their night out or their vacation because they were thinking about their children

~~missed an entire movie, play, or performance because they had to take their crying baby outside so as not to disturb anyone else

~~continued to do the laundry, cook the meals, take care of the children, and hold down the fort when they had a 102 degree temperature because it all had to get done

There is only one thing that is similar to a mother's love for her child and that is God's love for His children. A mother would gladly sacrifice her life for the life of her child. A mother's love is unconditional. She loves her child even when her child says, "I hate you, Mom!" She loves her child even when her child is in jail for committing a crime. She loves her child even when her child lies to her. No matter what her child does, that flame of unconditional love never goes out.

A mother knows that her prayers will be heard so, through all circumstances, continues to pray for her child. She also nurtures the hope that her child will achieve success and happiness. She finds God's will for her child and focuses on that instead of focusing on what she sees taking place in front of her eyes.

A mother knows that God loves her child more than she does and that He will take care of that child. So, as her child leaves her care, she lovingly carries that child right up to the throne of God and places her beloved child in His lap and turns the care over to His watchful eye. Then, although she doesn't want to think about it, knows that even if her child is removed from this earth that God had a good reason for it. She knows that it will only be a matter of time before she is able to see her child again in that beautiful place where the angels sing continuous praise to our precious Lord.

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