Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

A Good Advise for your life!

Here you will find advice that comes directly from the Word..

If you do not follow Jesus Christ, You will be no longer be happy and blessed and can not reach heaven.

If you do not Put Jesus Christ as First in your life, you will be miserable

If you do not follow the commandments of Jesus Christ, You will be in distress and agony.

If you do not listen to the Holy Spirit, You will be deceived

If you keep sinning, you will be against Christ

If you do not stand by Christ, You will regret for denying Christ

If you do not resist devil, you may become possessed with devils.

If you are wicked, You will be cut down and cast into the fire.

If you justify your sins, You will be in bondage to sin.

If you do not become the child of God, You will become the child of Devil.

If you have trouble focusing on Jesus Christ in the midst of temptation, you will surrender to Devil by corrupting your morals and destroy your life later you will be cast into outer darkness.

If you follow the world principles, you will not be accepted as citizen of God's kingdom.

If you do not read the Holy Bible, the whole counsel of God becomes unavailable, you will continue to live in sin and later end up in eternal fire.

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