Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

Why did the priest scandals happen?

We all have heard stories about policemen, doctors, teachers, counselors, and priests that have betrayed a sacred trust. These individuals represent vocations we look to for guidance, hope, and help. We want to be able to trust them. But, when one of these people violates our trust, it seems much worse and even harder to comprehend, than when other people in society fail. Never-the-less, it doesn't mean that we should abandon all respect for law enforcement, health care, education, or the church because people who work in those professions and vocations fail to live as Christ calls them to live. After all, the vast majority of people in those vocations, serve in a heroic and exemplary manner.

In Matthew 13:24-30 Jesus Christ described His Church, the Kingdom of Heaven, as being a “field of wheat and weeds,” showing that there would be good and bad, saints and sinners, and everyone in between, in the Church until the day when He returned to judge the nations. This means that, sadly, there will be members of His Church — including priests and bishops — who are notorious sinners. We can see this sad reality even at the very beginning of the Church in the person of the Apostle Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ to His enemies (Matthew 26:16-23 ; Luke 22:47-49), and Simon Peter, who denied the Lord three times (Matthew 26:34, 75).

Notice that even Christ's own hand-picked followers committed scandalous wickedness! Even so, this did not negate or disprove the truth that Christ transmitted to the world through His Apostles (Mark 16:15). As Christ promised, in spite of the weakness and sinfulness — indeed, the scandal — caused by priest and other Catholics, “the gates of hell will not prevail against” the Church.

Also there are also scandals among noncatholics as well Please visit the web

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