Despite of Differences,Come Unity in Jesus Christ!

What a great Bible we have!

Bible is miraculous in its origin -- coming to us by divine inspiration.

Bible is miraculous in its durability -- outlasting the opposition of its critics and surviving the attempts of its enemies to exterminate it.

It is miraculous in its results -- transforming the lives of those who read and believe it.

Bible is miraculous in its harmony -- agreeing in all its parts, even though written over a period of 1600 years by about 40 different authors.

Bible is miraculous in its message -- telling of many occasions when God supernaturally intervened in the affairs of men to accomplish his redemptive purposes.

Bible is miraculous in its preservation -- maintaining its accuracy and reliability down through the centuries.

The Bible gives us the knowledge by which we can distinguish truth from error. The Bible equips us to serve God .Bible helps us know how to be saved from our sin and its ultimate consequence Meditating on God’s Word and obeying its teachings will bring success in life. God’s Word helps us see sin in our lives and helps us get rid of it It gives us guidance in life, making us wiser than our teachers. The Bible keeps us from wasting years of our lives on that which does not matter and will not last .

Yes, the Bible is God's Miracle Book!

If you are cold, let it WARM you,

If you are asleep, let it WAKE you,

If you are a backslider, let it WARN you,

If you are defiled, let it WASH you.

If you are disobedient, let it WHIP you.

If you are uncertain, let it WITNESS to you.

If you are unsaved, let it WIN you.

How grateful we should be for the Holy Bible. In it we learn not only of the life and teachings of Christ, we learn of His Church and of His priesthood and miracles.

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