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Satan has made it his main mode of operation since the Garden of Eden to lie. And he is very good at it. It is no different when approaching the topic of pornography. He has lies that constantly run through the head of someone facing temptation from the "lust of the eyes." Below is a list of lies - and how to respond and disarm those attacks.

THE LIE: Looking at pornography is a perfectly normal and healthy behavior.

THE TRUTH: Looking at pornography is not normal or healthy - we were created to be one man with one woman. God shows this in Genesis and Song of Solomon.


THE LIE: Pornography will help you to know what you like once you get married.

THE TRUTH: Pornography will pervert what you understand marriage to be. Instead of trying to serve each other, you will be selfish in having your desires met.

THE LIE: Pornography will not be a problem when you get married.

THE TRUTH: Pornography will poison your marriage. You will not be able to turn off the switch when the ring is on your finger. The habits you started as a single will remain as a spouse.


THE LIE: Looking at pornography will not hurt your spouse.

THE TRUTH: Viewing pornography will tell your spouse that they are not good enough or sufficient for you. It will tell them that they never can measure up to the fantasy you desire.
THE LIE: Pornography is actually a way to add excitement to your marriage.

THE TRUTH: Pornography will eat away at your marriage - by bringing others into your marriage bed.

THE LIE: You would never actually treat someone like what you see in pornography.

THE TRUTH: You will develop the selfish mentality portrayed in pornography and see every person of the opposite sex as a way to fulfill your desires and fantasies.

THE LIE: You will never move past looking to doing.

THE TRUTH: Pornography often leads to acting on those impulses - especially if your habit has led to interacting with real people.
THE LIE: You could never start looking at more hard core material - that isn’t something you like.

THE TRUTH: The law of diminishing returns say that you will keep seeking more exotic and exciting materials. What once was abhorrent to you very well may become titillating over time.
THE LIE: It isn’t hurting anyone - it is a victimless crime.

THE TRUTH: It is hurting your spouse by eroding their security. It is hurting your family by taking your time and energy. It is hurting you by breaking your intimacy with God. It is hurting your children by robbing them of their purity.
THE LIE: This is just celebrating God’s creation.

THE TRUTH: God created beauty and love. Lust was not created by God. It is Satan’s poor counterfeit for God’s design for man & wife.

THE LIE: These models/actors want to do this, so it is not really demeaning them.

THE TRUTH: Most of the people involved in pornography did so trying to find fulfillment in their empty lives. That does not take into account the fast amount of amateur material - or people taking advantage of celebrities or neighbors. That also minimizes the sex trade industry that feeds the pornography world.
THE LIE: Since it is just looking, it is not really adultery.

THE TRUTH: God says that if a man looks lustfully at a woman, it is the same as sleeping with her. He fails to see the difference.
THE LIE: You are the only one with this problem.

THE TRUTH: Hundred of millions of people are trapped in this also. That is not a way to justify your behavior. It is to stop Satan from isolating you.

THE LIE: If anyone finds out, you will be destroyed.

THE TRUTH: If you keep this activity inside and don’t deal with it - you will be destroyed.
THE LIE: As long as this no one find out, you will be okay.

THE TRUTH: You cannot fight this alone - you need help.

THE LIE: No one will ever know you are doing this.

THE TRUTH: Be sure your sin will find you out. Women can tell when men are frequent viewers of pornography by how they act during sex.
THE LIE: You aren’t addicted - you can stop at any time.

THE TRUTH: Pornography can addict on the level of crack.

THE LIE: Your kids will not pick up on your habits.

THE TRUTH: Children mimic behavior. If you have a problem, they will more than likely also develop one.
THE LIE: Anyone who fights against pornography is a puritan or a moralist - they don’t understand human needs.

THE TRUTH: Fighting pornography is not moralistic - it is trying to save our families from destruction.

THE LIE: Pornography should be protected as freedom of speech.

THE TRUTH: The pornography industry has taught people this argument. It is not freedom of speech - it is objectifying, insulting, and destructive. Defending that does not make you socially conscious - it makes you a tool of Satan.

THE LIE: God understands how you are built - He will overlook this habit.

THE TRUTH: God built you. He knows exactly how you should behave. He will not ignore sin. He calls us to be holy and sanctified. He calls us to be intimate with Him. Getting involved in this behavior cheapens His grace and shows you do not believe His Word.

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